The Methodist Hospital Foundation is a public healthcare charity which serves as the fund-raising arm of Methodist Hospital. The Foundation raises funds and provides grants to support delivery of health care at Methodist Hospital and the surrounding South Philadelphia community.



The Foundation supports an Asian out-reach program, including instruction and translations in women’s services

The Foundation allows Methodist Hospital to continue its stewardship of its community. The bylaws of the Foundation designate that all money donated and gifted to the Foundation is used solely for the betterment of the South Philadelphia community.

In 1998, the Methodist Hospital Foundation began to solicit grant requests from the public sector for healthcare related programs. The grant program empowers grass roots organizations by making available to them the financial resources they so desperately need to provide home care, elder care, family and children services and other programs that unite our diverse neighborhood and keep it strong.

Since that time, the Foundation has reinvested over $2,500,000 in the community through its grant program. The grants awarded represent a collaborative effort between our Community Centers and Organizations as well as other public entities that use these funds to further the goals of a healthier community for South Philadelphia.

Recognizing the need to enhance Methodist Hospital’s ability to provide women’s health services and renal dialysis to the acutely ill, the Foundation has provided funds to the hospital to make possible the construction of the Breast Imaging Center and a state-of-the-art Acute Dialysis Unit.

The Foundation supports health screenings, education seminars and partners with community organizations in an effort to empower and inform our neighbors to improve their lives and keep their families healthy.


Nurse education is a priority for the Foundation

Our Community Partners Include
ADROP (Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of Poor) Unity Clinic
Asian American Women’s Coalition
Athlete Health Organization
Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia
Caring People Alliance: Marconi Senior Center
C.A.T.C.H. (Citizens Acting Together Can Help)
CCCS (Christopher Columbus Charter School)
Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia
Discovery Pathways
Friends of FDR Park
Hansjorg Wyss Wellness Center
Health Promotion Council of Southeast Pennsylvania
PAL: Police Athletic League
Philadelphia Fire Department
Philadelphia Police Department
Philadelphia School District
Philadelphia Senior Center
SBSNA (South Broad St. Neighbors Association)
Ss. Neumann Goretti High School
St. Thomas Aquinas Independence Mission School
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Tindley Temple